Exclusive owner and operator of City Gas Distribution networks

City Gas Distribution (CGD) is a critical pillar of AG&P’s expanding downstream LNG business. Through our CGD networks, we deliver natural gas safely and efficiently  to households, industrial and commercial customers via pipelines and trucks. We also provide easy access to clean, low-cost and fuel-efficient compressed natural gas (CNG) for cars, auto-rickshaws, light and heavy commercial vehicles.

We are proudly bringing the latest technologies, our global gas infrastructure expertise and unrivalled safety record to our CGD operations. Wherever we operate, we are committed to creating local employment opportunities and training our people to the highest international standards of safety and technical excellence.

CGD offers significant expansion potential in multiple geographies, where we will be able to apply our successful CGD model, anchored by AG&P LNG terminals, or develop market-specific stand-alone networks to connect communities, industries and businesses to this cleaner and low-cost fuel source.

Our City Gas Distribution Operations

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