A global LNG infrastructure platform, AG&P creates, owns and operates networks that deliver clean energy to customers.

AG&P develops LNG ecosystems that help terminals and downstream networks become reality faster, more economically and with proven, efficient solutions. We rely on innovative technology, sourcing, logistics and business and legal frameworks to roll out the right solution for each customer, leveraging standardization when possible and flexible solutions when required. We work hard to make clean energy the compelling choice, as well as the right one.

Our services include project development, engineering, procurement and construction and commissioning for onshore and offshore gas infrastructure, LNG logistics, LNG marketing and distribution of natural gas to the power, industrial, commercial, transport and domestic sectors.

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Flexible. Scalable. Sustainable.

City Gas Distribution

City Gas Distribution

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LNG Terminals and Logistics

LNG Terminals and Logistics

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LNG Technology

LNG Technology

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Construction & Services

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Enabling Energy Transition

AG&P has delivered substantial value to clients and project owners worldwide.

AG&P refuels and transitions our invaluable customers in vibrant and growing markets to cleaner energy, AG&P delivers our fuel directly from an entry terminal through our network to their home, factory, vehicle, power plant or other location for vibrant and growing markets. It is our responsibility to be an important, but silent, partner helping people rise and industries thrive. We are always there, quietly doing our job.

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AG&P is backed by highly-selective and sovereign, multi-lateral development funds.

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