AG&P has earned the distinction of becoming the first company in Asia to be certified by Bureau Veritas (Singapore) to the ISO 37001:2016 Standard for Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS).  AG&P proudly stands as a pioneer of the world’s first international ABMS standard specifically formulated for organizations to combat bribery risk in their own operations and throughout their global value chains.

AG&P’s Compliance Department oversees the administration and improvement of compliance policies and processes, notably including the ABMS across the organization’s worldwide locations. Our rigorous framework is designed to ensure that business activities and operations are ethical, transparent and aligned with applicable laws and regulations. We maintain best-in-class practices with the support of leading international experts:

  • EY, through its affiliate, SGV, is AG&P’s external auditor for finance, tax and IT systems, and an adviser on corporate compliance and governance
  • AG&P reviews third-party contracts and business development prospects through our global legal consultants and dedicated US-based compliance counsel
  • TRACE International is AG&P’s partner for company-wide anti-corruption training and due diligence
  • People Intouch, a European integrity solutions provider, manages the SpeakUp technology tool for secure and confidential reporting of actual or suspected corruption or other impropriety

Read the Global Compliance Policy, Anti-Bribery Policy.

External parties can use or directly access the globally available SpeakUp website and contact numbers to raise concerns about AG&P’s activities or personnel. Employees can also report anonymously through specially designated SpeakUp channels.


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