AG&P’s Compliance Department ensures implementation of the company’s anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies and oversees the administration and improvement of compliance systems across the organization. Our rigorous framework ensures all activities are fully transparent and aligned with applicable laws and regulations. We have best-in-class practices and partnerships with leading independent advisers and auditors:

  • EY, through its affiliate, SGV, is AG&P’s external auditor for finance, tax, IT systems, corporate compliance and governance
  • AG&P reviews all new partnerships, contracts and business development through our dedicated US attorneys for all compliance matters relating to AG&P’s business and operations
  • TRACE International is AG&P’s partner for anti-corruption training and due diligence solutions 
  • Speak Up, managed by People Intouch, is an anonymous tool for voluntary reporting of incidents or suspicion of corrupt practices

Read the Global Compliance Policy, Anti-Bribery Policy.

External parties can use or Speak Up channels to report or raise their concerns about any suspected or actual wrongdoing by AG&P personnel. Employees can also raise concerns anonymously through separate, specially designated Speak Up channels.


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