Reducing costs with flexible and scalable solutions

AG&P’s innovative LNG terminal designs enable project owners to choose the terminal design and supporting infrastructure they need based on the site and current demand.

The integration of a standardized regasification module with floating storage means our terminal configuration significantly improves the schedule and mitigates traditional bottlenecks, such as large onshore conventional storage tanks and other major civil works.

By adding regasification capacity in modules, AG&P’s terminals are scalable allowing the development of infrastructure in response to demand growth. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Reduced upfront capital cost
  • Right-sized infrastructure for increased efficiency
  • Faster operational status for projects driven by modular construction


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Providing greater flexibility and faster project delivery

AG&P is a leading provider of small- and mid-scale LNG infrastructure, including Floating Regasification Units (FRU). With our subsidiary, Gas Entec, we offer our customers access to the engineering talent that has designed multiple industry firsts, including the world’s first small-scale FRU, installed at Benoa Port in Bali, and the first and only operating bunkering vessel in the USA.

RegasTainer™ Modules

RegasTainer™ is a plug-and-play regasification technology designed for offshore and onshore LNG terminals and vessels. RegasTainer is a compact unit using standardized technology that can be built and installed modularly on LNG carriers, power-supply ships and LNG power plants that use natural gas as a fuel. RegasTainer offers greater flexibility to customers operating in remote coastal environments where site restrictions are common.

With modularization accelerating timelines for project delivery, customers using our RegasTainer modules can realize earlier returns on their investment, while reducing the risks associated with stick-built infrastructure. The benefits are:

  • Regasification modules customized to meet local site and market requirements
  • In-house support from early consulting stages until project completion
  • Accelerated timelines and reduced risks

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Pragmatic solutions for lower costs

AG&P’s Floating Storage Units (FSUs) provide customers with the flexibility and scalability required for small or remote demand centers where onshore structures are not technically or commercially viable, or where there is insufficient space to build the necessary storage capacity. Designed by Gas Entec, our FSUs are a practical alternative, delivering a cost-efficient solution within tight schedules by utilizing existing and operating vessels where possible.

We are only one of three global GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) licensees for LNG membrane tanks and the only, credentialed company approved by JMU (Japan Marine United Corporation) to construct SPB LNG tanks worldwide.

Our FSUs operate seamlessly with onshore regasification terminals or with FRUs, offering:

  • Flexibility to support onshore or offshore regasification units
  • Ability to relocate to new demand centers as needed
  • Utilization of existing vessels to reduce costs and speed execution

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Small-scale solutions for new demand centers

AG&P designs and builds (or converts from LNG carriers) Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) for small- and mid-scale LNG projects in dispersed or remote locations, such as islands and archipelagos, where demand is low, and an onshore terminal is not commercially viable.

Engineered by Gas Entec, our FSRUs offer:

  • Access to LNG in challenging terrains
  • Smaller-scale solutions that eliminate unwanted capacity
  • Ability to moor at a jetty or wharf
  • Flexibility to relocate asset to new demand centers as required

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Adding value to existing client assets

AG&P has a long history of working in collaboration with our customers to develop cost-optimized solutions that add capacity or improve facilities at existing project sites. Our engineering teams offer independent advice, expert resources and pragmatic solutions on the best way to optimize assets.

Our in-house engineering, procurement and construction experts bring hands-on experience in designing storage and regasification facilities, licensed LNG tanks and handling systems and logistics management.

With the aim of bringing significant savings to a project, our solutions overcome site or asset challenges and can be adapted to suite a range of conditions. Customers benefit from our full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services and close collaboration with project teams and other contractors.

For aging assets, we undertake all aspects of refurbishment, including evaluating whether the asset is suitable for extended life, identifying refurbishment options and developing a refurbishment plan that maximizes efficiencies and minimizes operational downtime. 

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Expertise in liquefaction construction

With decades of expertise in large-scale liquefaction modules and small-scale LNG infrastructure, AG&P is providing solutions for LNG plants with capacities ranging from as low as 0.01 MTPA to 1.5 MTPA, to serve a growing need for small- and mid-scale liquefaction.

Using the latest technologies, we leverage our experience in scalable and modular designs to develop flexible and competitive solutions, while advising on the right processes and systems to optimize a plant’s operational and maintenance costs.

AG&P’s long track-record in the modular construction of large-scale LNG plants includes the development of 111 complex process modules for the liquefaction trains for Gladstone LNG terminal in Queensland, Australia, one of the world’s most extensive such facilities. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, we built the modules in a controlled environment to world-leading safety and quality standards and shipped them to the site for assembly, ready for operation.

The benefits of adopting AG&P’s small-scale liquefaction solutions include:

  • Tapping our deep expertise in modularizing liquefaction plants
  • Support from early consulting stages until project completion
  • Reduced costs and accelerated timelines
  • Minimized construction risk with modules fabricated in a bio-secure, automated environment

Learn more about AG&P’s successful execution of major liquefaction projects by downloading our Gladstone LNG case study and by contacting our expert engineering and construction teams.

Cost-efficient solutions delivered quickly

AG&P helps ship-owners and operators switch to LNG as a marine fuel by designing, building and installing a fuel gas supply system (FGSS). Our global capabilities in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of LNG cargo handling and cargo containment systems means we have the technical expertise to provide customers with efficient, fast and cost-efficient fuel-conversion solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

With a full-service global engineering team, we work with our customers to establish the right processes and systems for managing conversion, from the early conceptual stage to feasibility studies, detailed engineering and the EPC and installation phases. Our approach identifies and mitigates risks, monitors progress and minimizes downtime on operating vessels. We offer a single customer interface with an accessible, open management system so a project can be tracked in real-time by all relevant parties.

Customers working with us on dual-fuel conversion have access to engineers who are leaders in the design of highly efficient LNG fuel and cargo handling systems and applications, with a stellar track record of delivering cost-optimized solutions.

Contact our expert engineering teams to discuss how we can help with the development of the right dual-fuel conversion solution for your vessel.

AG&P is currently engaged in multiple FGSS engineering and installation projects.


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