Offering a complete gas solution

Demand aggregation is the missing link required to connect suppliers to smaller and distributed end-users in new and growing markets where there is high demand for access to affordable gas supply.

By matching supply with demand, the LNG market can expand efficiently, without the need for a large surplus of unused, costly, production capacity.

AG&P offers a complete gas solution that includes sourcing gas for the most competitive market price, aggregating downstream markets, matching the supply with demand centers, hosting the contract and ensuring fast, efficient delivery of LNG direct to the end-user via a well-functioning supply chain.

AG&P is driving the nascent LNG market globally by acting as a single interface across the entire LNG value chain – from sourcing to last-mile delivery – which removes complexity and gives suppliers and investors the assurances they need.

We have a holistic, customer-centric approach that is supplier and technology agnostic, ensuring we offer the most efficient solution to meet a customers’ needs now and in the future.


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Supporting LNG adoption in new markets

AG&P is supporting the adoption of LNG by facilitating and taking on the import of natural gas in new and growing markets where day one demand may be challenging.

Our LNG Marketing teams source gas from major global producers and traders and develop flexible, price-competitive contracts for customers in underserved demand centers, acting as the bridge between suppliers and local customers.

AG&P’s unique integrated business model sees us control the design and means of production, ensuring fast and efficient delivery of LNG direct to end-users for lower costs. We remove complexity and give customers the assurance they need to make the switch to natural gas for fuel or power.

Working with AG&P, customers can expect:

  • Cost-competitive and flexible LNG contracts
  • Supply reliability 24/7
  • End-to-end support including sourcing, demand brokering and gas logistics

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Matching supply with demand

AG&P is capitalizing on its deep expertise in LNG to develop last-mile delivery solutions in markets where supply chain infrastructure is limited or completely absent. 

As a demand aggregator, we match LNG supply with downstream demand. Through hosted contracts, we ensure supply reliability so that natural gas can be delivered through a well-functioning supply chain.   

By connecting and enabling disaggregated users, we generate greater investor confidence for new projects and create a platform for gas buyers to exercise their gas supply flexibility through 24/7 nominations. 

AG&P is uniquely equipped to handle sourcing, brokering and all logistics because we design and control the means of production. By optimizing the LNG supply chain at every stage of the process, we effectively provide natural gas to stranded customers at a considerable cost advantage.

Our comprehensive service includes gas logistics services comprising LNG import terminals, LNG storage, break-bulking and delivery to the end-user.

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