Reducing complexity and lowering costs

AG&P provides a vital link between clean natural gas and growing population centers through our cost-optimized LNG bunkering and supporting gas logistics services.

Our integrated approach takes the complexity out of adopting LNG by providing customers with an end-to-end solution from sourcing supply to last-mile delivery, taking care of all the logistics, regardless of location. With assured supply and cost-optimized delivery solutions, we eliminate uncertainty, remove complexity and reduce costs, making it easy to switch to LNG as a fuel source.

AG&P owns a stake in Kanfer Shipping, the innovative Norwegian developer of flexible and cost-competitive small-scale LNG infrastructure with a focus on shipping, floating storage and bunkering facilities. With the expertise of Gas Entec and Kanfer, AG&P offers:

  • Unparalleled expertise in bunkering, marine solutions and logistics
  • Global reach
  • Lower capex solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Experienced management of all gas logistics
  • Faster and more affordable access to LNG


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Standardized packages and scalable designs

AG&P brings together its expertise in LNG delivery solutions, standardized engineering designs and modular construction to deliver cost-effective LNG bunker vessels with the flexibility to meet the requirements of new and existing markets, where demand for LNG continues to grow.

Together with Gas Entec and Kanfer Shipping, AG&P is developing solutions for large and small-scale bunker vessels, utilizing a range of standardized LNG storage tanks, fitments, bridge equipment and components. By incorporating identical equipment packages onto a scalable platform, we deliver greater project efficiencies, while providing flexible and adaptable storage and transfer solutions to meet specific project requirements.

Our standardized approach to bunker vessel design means our customers can:

  • Reduce costs as customized engineering is minimized
  • Accelerate delivery with modular construction
  • Increase quality with construction and installation handled by AG&P’s s experienced teams
  • Minimize financial risk

Our customers also benefit from our global accreditations, with AG&P being the only credentialed company approved by JMU (Japan Marine United Corporation) to construct SPB LNG tanks and only one of few global GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) licensees for LNG membrane tanks.  Of course, AG&P can also provide Type C tanks for the appropriate scenarios. We can walk you through the various choices.

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Addressing the unmet needs of utilities and industrial customers

AG&P is overcoming the limitations of natural gas pipelines by establishing LNG truck-loading facilities at our import terminals, supported by a truck-based delivery network, ensuring LNG delivery to distant customers not connected to a gas pipeline. This makes it easy and affordable for these underserved customers to switch fuel sources.

AG&P’s onshore LNG trucking network includes mother and daughter stations where LNG is converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) for distribution via truck to retail facilities based at existing fueling stations and directly to industrial, commercial and automotive customers. This infrastructure is part of our City Gas Distribution networks in India as well as Indonesia, where we jointly operate a fleet of LNG trucks serving the power and industrial sectors.

Our LNG-by-truck provides a complete LNG virtual pipeline solution, including LNG procurement, LNG transportation and onsite LNG processing equipment.

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Facilitating small-scale LNG distribution

AG&P is making LNG as an alternate fuel viable in new markets with flexible operational solutions. Our efforts include installing maritime break-bulk facilities at our import terminals, where large LNG shipments are broken down into smaller volumes to facilitate distribution of LNG onshore via LNG trucks, ISO containers or directly for use as fuel for ships.

Together with Gas Entec and Kanfer Shipping, we have the in-house expertise to deliver engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services for break-bulk facilities and support offshore operations, including ship-to-ship transfer and bunkering. We also manage the logistics across the value chain, including supply, import, break-bulk and trucking or shipping of smaller volumes of LNG directly to the end-user.

AG&P has acquired a strategic interest in Kanfer Shipping, an extremely innovative and exciting company leading the field of revolutionizing break-bulk shipping, the so-called virtual pipeline that until now was slowed because of the high costs of implementation.  Today, AG&P is pleased to introduce Kanfer Shipping.

Overview of Kanfer Shipping:

  • Norway-based developer of cost-efficient and robust small-scale LNG sea transportation and floating storage facilities
  • Holds exclusivity for LNG use of the patented Detachable Stern Vessel (DSV) design: a significant improvement on the commonly-used Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) solution
  • Kanfer is commercializing a new version of the American ATB solution globally
  • Kanfer’s business model is based on owning and chartering the ATB to counterparties for long periods
  • Strategic partnerships and joint business development with ADNOC, INPEX, among others
  • Working on a number of projects globally
  • AG&P a strategic equity investor

Kanfer’s Unique Approach:

  • Small-scale LNG transportation and bunkering: 1 tug and 1 barge that work as an ordinary small-scale LNG ship
  • Small-scale LNG transportation and floating terminal solution: 1 tug and 2 barges where 1 barge will, at any given time, be used as a storage facility while the other barge is on its way from / to the LNG source
  • A patented and robust design made to operate in rough weather with LNG on board
  • System has an AIP (approval in principle)

As part of this comprehensive service with Kanfer and Gas Entec, AG&P’s LNG marketing team has the expertise to manage downstream customers, matching supply with local demand to meet specific needs.

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