Delivering projects on-time and on-budget to the highest international standards

AG&P’s dedicated construction teams take complete responsibility for functions at project sites, including the installation of AG&P’s modules, their subsequent commissioning, operation and maintenance (O&M) and full onsite construction.

AG&P offers the flexibility to form a team specific for the project’s requirements. Our highly skilled teams include qualified welders, painters, cutters, fitters, electrical and instrumentation experts, as well as trained engineers, administrators and project managers, who arrive at the project site ready to work within your organization or independently.

With AG&P, our clients benefit from:

  • Access to highly skilled and experienced workers trained to the highest international safety standards, increasing quality and minimizing delays
  • Tailored team with skills matched to a project’s specific construction requirements
  • Flexible resources providing greater cost-efficiencies
  • Recruitment and project management by AG&P, making it easy and efficient for project owners. AG&P is licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to recruit, process and deploy Filipino workers to projects globally.

Our Expertise

Best-in-class repair rates

AG&P boasts a best-in-class welding repair rates and full compliance with internationally recognized welding codes and standards across multiple country standards.

Our extensive experience working on some of the most significant heavy industry and infrastructure projects includes welding various materials and structures using stainless steel, copper-nickel, copper, aluminum, chrome molybdenum, high nickel alloys, proprietary and other alloys. Equipped with well over 1,000 welding instruments, we offer stringent weld testing, training and qualifications.

The fabrication shops at our manufacturing yards have three automated processing lines for cutting, beveling, fit-up and welding of carbon steel (2” to 24” and 24” to 48”) and stainless steel (2” to 24”), as well as automatic welding stations for TIG, MIG/MAD and SAW welding processes.

We also have a dedicated, in-house training facility with the capacity to train 1,500 welders per year, offering certified training in SMAW, 3G, 4G and 6G/FCAW GTAW qualifications.

Contact our expert teams to discuss how we can help with your next heavy industry or infrastructure construction project.

Comprehensive services delivered with outstanding quality

AG&P’s highly trained technicians provide extensive structural, mechanical and piping services for the hook-up and commissioning of onshore and offshore industrial infrastructure assets. With decades of experience in the oil and gas, utilities and mining sectors, AG&P brings unrivaled global quality and safety standards to projects anywhere in the world, regardless of location.

Our structural services include:

  • Removal of temporary transport and installation aids, bumpers and bracings
  • Installation of remaining handrails, walkways and deck flooring
  • Fabrication and installation of equipment support, piping support and E&I support
  • Installation of caisson sections, wellhead casings
  • Installation of bridge landings, pipe racks
  • Fabrication and modification of platforms
  • Installation

Our mechanical services include:

  • Installation of equipment skids, submersible pumps and machine parts
  • Alignment of pumps to drive motors
  • Installation of pressure vessels and columns
  • Test run of equipment skids
  • First filling of required fuels, lubricants, oils and chemicals
  • Provide commissioning assistance for equipment vendors or representatives

Our piping services include:

  • Installation of interconnecting pipe spools
  • Installation of valves, filters and strainers
  • Installation of piping supports
  • Piping alignment checks
  • Modification and rectification work on pipe spools, as required
  • Bolt tensioning and tightening on flange connections
  • Hydro-testing of piping systems
  • Leak test of piping systems to operating pressures

Highest global standards

AG&P’s highly trained Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) technicians provide a wide range of services for onshore and offshore projects, from work preparation to the commissioning of plants and E&I systems. Working in full compliance with global specifications and standards for every project, our qualified E&I team offer services for:

  • Steel supports fabrication and installation
  • Cables and wires support system installation
  • E&I equipment installation
  • Electrical light fixtures, devices and control stations installation  
  • Instruments calibration and installation
  • Fire & gas detection, communication and security systems installation  
  • Cables and wires installation and termination  
  • Instrument tubing installation and testing  
  • Testing and pre-commissioning  
  • Commissioning assistance  
  • Electrical testing equipment  

Easy access and lower costs

AG&P offers equipment solutions for construction projects, providing the appropriate tools and materials based on site-specific requirements. We own and operate mobile equipment, which can be used in our yards or deployed to your project site for temporary use, reducing your overall construction materials costs. We provide:

  • Heavy lifting equipment including crawler cranes, scissor-lifts and man-lifts
  • Hauling equipment including tractor trucks, high-bed trailers, modular trailers and heavy-lift trucks
  • Air and power generating equipment
  • Welding instruments

Contact AG&P’s experts to discuss how we can help with your next heavy industry or infrastructure construction project.

Improved project delivery

AG&P offers logistics management services that ensure quality and cost-efficiency at every stage of the project lifecycle. Our expert teams create a bespoke strategy for your project, from how resources are acquired, stored and transported onsite, to supporting construction.

Using leading-edge technologies, we plan, control and implement 24/7 processes to manage all aspects of your project, working with your teams to ensure seamless service delivery and project execution.

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End-to-end support

Our owners’ engineering support service helps in-house engineering teams at each step of the project, from conceptual and detailed design to constructability and load-out analysis, making sure the project is completed on time and to the highest standards. We also evaluate the designs and provide recommendations to avoid expensive delays during project execution.

Contact our expert teams to discuss how we can help with your next heavy industry or infrastructure construction project.

Skilled and experienced workforce

AG&P’s highly trained international deployment teams have expertise in pre-commissioning, hook-up and commissioning, with a proven track record of working to the highest international standards on infrastructure projects. AG&P consistently delivers a level of quality and excellence earned through decades of experience.


AG&P adheres to strict testing and pre-commissioning programs to ensure all equipment is constructed and installed correctly in line with the drawings, specifications and applicable statutory codes and practices. Our thorough approach guarantees the delivery of a complete and functioning asset to the project site.

Hook-up and Commissioning

AG&P’s international deployment teams have extensive experience in hook-up and commissioning of offshore facilities and vessels, as well as onshore assets such as power plants and terminals, in line with prescribed instructions from engineering or third-party companies. We deploy fully trained craftspeople with their own management, QA/QC workers, safety managers and administrative staff, who can work independently or with your team at every stage of the project.

Discover how AG&P’s hook-up and commissioning services can deliver greater value to your next onshore or offshore project by contacting our expert teams.

Optimizing performance and minimizing costs

AG&P has deep expertise in Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for onshore and offshore projects in the oil and gas industry. Our teams bring decades of experience in heavy infrastructure, ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality while optimizing operational performance and asset availability. In addition to increasing operating revenue, our O&M services extend the productive life of your assets, resulting in lower capital expenditure and less environmental risk.

Our O&M teams provide safe, efficient and profitable solutions for the management of your projects and operations. We ensure equipment is reliable, safe and efficient, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. Our services include:

  • Operations procedures and manual development
  • Operator and technician training
  • Operability and debottlenecking studies

Discover how our operations and management services can enhance the performance of your next onshore or offshore project by contacting our expert teams.

Asset lifecycle services delivered safely and responsibly

AG&P offers Decommissioning and Restoration (D&R) services for offshore oil and gas platforms that have come to the end of their productive life.

Covering project management, engineering and site services, we can decommission assets and dispose of equipment in compliance with all applicable laws and contractual requirements and restore the asset location in a safe, affordable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

AG&P’s specialized D&R services include:

  • Project management, engineering and planning, including review of contractual obligations, engineering analysis, operational planning and contracting
  • Permit and regulatory compliance
  • Platform preparation
  • Well plugging and abandonment
  • Conductor removal
  • Mobilization
  • Platform removal
  • Pipeline and power cable decommissioning
  • Materials disposal
  • Site clearance

Discover how AG&P can assist your decommissioning and restoration project by contacting our expert teams.


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