Global leader in modular construction

AG&P has a strong track record of delivering award-winning modular construction solutions for heavy industry infrastructure including E-houses, LNG facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, mining operations and plant utilities for blue-chip companies.

At our huge state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, which are mini-cities by themselves, we build infrastructure in modules ready for assembly at our clients’ project site. This allows operators to construct large segments of projects in a controlled environment, backed by the highest standards in safety and quality. As a result, project owners can parallel process, ensuring reduced time to completion while minimizing construction risks.

Modularization makes it easier for customers to build infrastructure assets, providing the following advantages:

Lower Costs

  • Reduced site-based construction hours
  • Minimal set-up costs as modules are designed to be plug-and-play
  • Reduced time to completion due to parallel manufacturing with onsite construction

Increased Productivity

  • Access to highly skilled workers in areas with limited availability of labor
  • Improved material control and greater access to material sources
  • Modules arrive ready, fully tested and compliant with the location-specific quality and security standards
  • Advanced automation, systems and technologies, ensuring reliable and efficient 24/7 production

Fewer Risks

  • Improved quality with fabrication and assembly done in a safe, controlled environment
  • Highly skilled workers trained to the highest international standards of safety and quality
  • Reduced impact on local ecosystems with work-hours moved off-site

Our Expertise

Services delivered to international standards

AG&P is committed to delivering excellence and value at every stage of a project. Our highly skilled and experienced teams fabricate, test, transport and install modules, ensuring they are compliant with the relevant electrical, welding, documentation and bio-security standards of their destination. Our services cover:

Fabrication and Assembly

AG&P’s facilities are equipped with modern, automated systems throughout the manufacturing process, increasing capacity at reduced work-hours. We have one of the largest painting and blasting shops in Southeast Asia, allowing simultaneous completion of multiple large-scale projects. Critically, AG&P’s facilities include massive climate-controlled warehouses where sensitive equipment and switchgear is safely stored until the modular structure is completed and pressurized, ready for delivery and installation.

Pre-commissioning and Testing

AG&P’s pre-commissioning and testing activities, conducted in our yards in the Philippines, ensure all equipment has been constructed correctly according to the drawings, specifications and applicable statutory codes and practices, enabling delivery of a complete and functioning product to the project site.


AG&P provides a full suite of heavy-lift and transportation solutions from early engineering and logistical planning stages to shipping and final positioning onsite. In partnership with leading logistics providers and with our equipment, we service the lifting, installing, ballasting, jacking, weighing and transporting of large, heavy modules from our facilities to client sites worldwide. We comply with the most stringent biosecurity standards in every region with well-established, accredited procurement and logistics processes to mitigate any risk of contamination.

Onsite erection

Our site-based teams specialize in onsite construction, hook-up and commissioning. We deploy highly skilled and independent teams to a project site with their own management, quality and safety personnel to supervise and execute the safe installation of modules with a comprehensive handover when completed.

AG&P has a global reputation for excellence, backed by industry-leading safety and quality standards, with 68 million cumulative work-hours over 5 years with only 1 LTI.

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Unparalleled expert in-house engineers

AG&P offers customers unparalleled access to our in-house engineering teams to support project execution. Often engaged early in the project, our engineers bring decades of experience, transforming detailed designs into fabrication and assembly drawings that consider all aspects of constructability, heavy-lift and installation.

Our engineers become trusted advisors, ensuring detailed engineering standards for civil, structural, architectural, piping, tank, vessel, electrical and instrumentation projects are met and optimized for modularization, transport and end-use at the project site.

Our experienced teams are customized to suit each project.

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Largest state-of-art facilities in Southeast Asia

AG&P operates a world-class manufacturing site in the Philippines, with deep-water access, with 125,000MT of annual module assembly capacity.

Our onsite fabrication shops provide reliable and efficient non-stop production. The systems comprise multiple automated processing lines for structural steel fabrication and deliver beam coping, cutting and drilling for onshore and offshore infrastructure, with separate lines for angles, plates and structural pipes. Our skilled fabrication teams monitor the entire process, seeking to reduce work-hours and increase capacity, while delivering quality and adherence with our strict health, safety, and quality frameworks.

We have a proven track record of streamlining production, which maximizes efficiencies and minimizes the risk of cost and schedule overruns. We offer:

  • Direct deep-sea access for delivery of equipment and modules
  • 60,000 tons of annual structural fabrication capacity
  • 600,000 dia-inches of annual piping fabrication capacity
  • 125,000 tons of yearly assembly capacity
  • 0.5 – 1.7% welding rate – a best-in-class industry rating
  • Experts in steel fabrication, welding, equipment provision, logistics and project management

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