Breakthrough LNG supply solutions for the largest market in Southeast Asia

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing natural gas markets and the largest in Southeast Asia. A vast archipelago of 17,000 islands sprawled across thousands of miles, Indonesia has unique energy and power distribution requirements, with pockets of demand mostly lying outside the reach of existing infrastructure.

Delivery requires innovative solutions. AG&P’s LNG distribution systems use breakthrough technologies and standardized designs for floating and onshore LNG transport, storage, break-bulk and regasification facilities, providing access to natural gas for stranded demand centers.

AG&P owns a stake in a successful LNG-by-truck operation delivering LNG conveniently and safely to local customers using:

  • A fleet of 24 LNG trucks
  • 3,000 ISO tanks

Truck-based delivery complements FSRUs and FRUs, allowing clients to overcome site-specific challenges.

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