Paving the way for energy transition to cleaner fuels, we are a downstream LNG infrastructure platform developing LNG ecosystems to bring natural gas to new and growing demand centers.

AG&P develops, owns and operates the downstream LNG / natural gas ecosystem across South and Southeast Asia and beyond. Our services include project development, engineering, procurement and construction and commissioning for onshore and offshore gas infrastructure, LNG logistics, LNG marketing and distribution of natural gas to the power, industrial, commercial, transport and domestic sectors. We work hard to make clean energy the compelling choice, as well as the right one.

City Gas Distribution

AG&P delivers natural gas to households, industrial and commercial customers via pipelines and trucks. We also provide easy access to clean, low-cost and fuel-efficient Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for vehicles. In India, AG&P is the largest private energy player in the country, with its City Gas Distribution (CGD) network covering 28 districts across 8% of India and ~80 MM people.

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LNG Terminals and Logistics

Driving the energy transition to cleaner fuel, AG&P, owns, develops and builds LNG import terminals using our proprietary technical solutions that address gaps in the natural gas value chain. These gaps prevent access to end-users in nascent and growing markets around the world. Our expertise unlocks markets and helps these terminals and downstream networks become a reality faster, more economically and with proven, efficient solutions.

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LNG Technology

A world standard in LNG terminals and technological solutions, AG&P is leading the energy transition to cleaner fuels through its majority-owned advisory and technology firm GAS Entec. Headquartered in Singapore with engineering offices in South Korea, GAS Entec offers complete end-to-end solutions for the energy value chain and is a leader in modularized products for flexible plug-and-play operations with several patents to its name.

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Construction & Services

AG&P is recognized globally as a pioneer in oil and gas infrastructure with deep and leading credentials in modular construction for LNG plants, refineries, petrochemical facilities, utilities plants, liquefaction and other complex process modules for blue chip clients. Known for our world-leading safety and quality credentials, AG&P is a global leader in deploying highly skilled and experienced workers to project sites globally. Our teams are trained to the highest international standards, ensuring risks are mitigated and projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

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Our Work

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